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This textbook covers:

  • Background of United States (U.S.) prisons, probation, and parole

  • Tools in probation, parole, and community corrections

  • The future of probation and parole


Throughout my journey in life, I've faced numerous difficulties and triumphs, as I'm sure many of you have too. One factor that has contributed to my success is the power of manifestation. By visualizing what I desired and persevering through obstacles, I realized that I held the keys to my own success. This realization led to the creation of "Steps To Manifesting What You Want."


This tool is simple, yet empowering. It provides you with the necessary tools to take charge of your life and elevate it to the next level. Join me, Dr. Mecca K. Terry, and let's manifest our dreams into reality!

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This workshop will prepare you to:

  • Improve your CV, cover letter, teaching philosophy, and diversity statement for application submission.

  • Conduct a discipline-specific search for open adjunct teaching positions.

  • Submit high quality, stand-out applications for open adjunct teaching positions.

  • Develop next steps for classroom management such as developing a class preparation system, development of course syllabi, tips on class engagement, curriculum retention, and more!


After presenting at several conferences and events both domestic and international, being a keynote speaker, and a TEDx speaker I want to help you become a dynamic speaker too! Consider this workshop where I share tips on how to improve your public speaking to prepare for your speaking engagements and/or help you build confidence with speaking in public.

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Complete this form if you are interested in receiving instructor job leads from colleges and universities. Ideal for adjuncts, lecturers, and professors! Receive personalized instructor job leads for your career or field.

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